Emergency Exits

Emergency and Exit Lighting is a crucial part of a building's safety plan to ensure that in the case of any emergency, people can be guided to the nearest exit. There are legislative requirements that need to be met and are enforced by the BCA and Australian Standards. It is recommended that Emergency and Exit Lighting be inspected and tested every six (6) months to comply with Australian Standard AS 2293.

O'Brien Electrical Services provides emergency evacuation lighting testing services for businesses and organisations. We provide all the services required to help you conform to Australian standards AS2293:

  • We design, install, repair and maintain all brands of emergency and exit lighting
  • Discharge tests
  • Visual inspection
  • Adequate electrical supply
  • Revamping of expired tubes and lamps
  • Replacement of non compliant fitting and batteries
  • Log / record of fitting details and test procedures

Give us a call today at (03) 9312 1000 to talk to us about our services. You will be surprised how easy it can be.

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O'Brien Electrical Services provides provides a range of services to domestic and commercial customers in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

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Our qualified test and tag technicians will thoroughly inspect your workplace and use specalised tools and instruments to test for electrical faults.

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O'Brien Electrical Services provides emergency evacuation lighting testing services as required by Australian standards AS2293.

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O'Brien Electrical Services provides Data Services for Computer Rooms, UPS Systems, Floors, Communications, Servers and more.

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